I am so grateful I decided to study about Kambo with Giovanni! I have an autoimmune issue that greatly benefits from Kambo and plan to do sessions regularly to treat myself.

Prior to studying with Giovanni, I did not realize how important it is to follow a proper diet and to take electrolytes to protect my heart and to prevent hyponatremia. In the past I had done Kambo sessions with an Amazonian tribe, friends and also an IAKP trained facilitator.

I realize in hindsight, I had grave mistakes in each episode. There was no emphasis on minerals and electrolytes prior to sessions. In one instance, I was following a completely inappropriate Dieta and encouraged to drink too much water to the point of fainting while purging. I like the emphasis Giovanni has on safety, and I appreciate his deep knowledge and practice of Kambo.

Sometimes his lessons feel like a transmission Kambo wisdom. I would like to study further with Giovanni in the future.

Christine R.

Kambo Training

In February 2018 I took Giovanni’s one-on-one workshop in the Sacred Valley of Mexico along with one other participant. Classes are small allowing for personalized coaching, time and attention.

The workshop was very much a hands on interactive workshop covering the various methods of applying Kambo, extensive lectures and discussion on medical contraindications, dietary aspects, difficult case studies and much more.

Giovanni teaches valuing the client’s safety over and above all else, he strongly advocates extensive research of the prospective clients health and dietary history prior to a session. A thorough cross check on this history mitigates unexpected problems in the session.

Giovanni’s method of administering Kambo is unique in that he encourages a low and slow approach and, when used over three days or longer, it results in a much deeper clearing, frequently accompanied by an emotional purge and breakthrough, as we got to see at first hand. 

Giovanni brings a unique blend of extremely well researched information to the table, combined with in-excess of twelve years of hands-on experiences using this precious Amazonian modality.

This training stands out as being an entirely unique and an original source of well researched scientific study and experience. Nowhere else would the individual find this kind of detailed tuition all under one roof.

Giovanni’s Kambo is ethically sourced from a tribe in the Amazon who has a committed role in looking after and preserving this precious natural resource.

I would highly recommend this training for anyone looking to take their practice to the next level.


One-on-one workshop in the Sacred Valley of Mexico

The first week of November 2018  I went to a Kambo training with Giovanni in Rome.
We went through different components and aspects of Kambo treatment and the application of it.

We did practical training days as well as reviewing theory of precise location of application of Kambo according to Chinese reflexology and TCM and the techniques for working in specific areas of the body.

We studied different techniques, precautions, preparation before Kambo, discussions about water intake during the process and treatments for a given condition either physical, emotional or spiritual and the use of outcome measures to evaluate the efficacy of this way of working with Kambo along with a the importance of a responsible approach.

We explored the physiology of human body and brain and the central role of Kambo in helping maintaining homeostatic norms through not only the study of the Kambo overall but also through the activity of the specific peptides and their work on the brain.

We also studied the interactions of Kambo with western allopathic medications and potential contraindication to treat people who are taking certain types of drugs.

Giovanni´s lectures have given me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding not only of Kambo itself as a shamanic medicine,  but also of the relationship that Kambo has with western modern world. His practical training has given me new insights on the importance of the Kambo secretion to be applied in different parts of the body.

We discussed scientific articles and his own researches and he was willing to answer all my questions all the time, for instance about how to treat delicate cases.

Giovanni did an intense Kambo treatment on myself during the days of the training. It consisted in 5 Kambo sessions in 6 days (one day I receive 2 Kambo sessions).

We worked on different meridians of the body based on TCM and also on the auricular points. I felt and feel absolutely renewed, energized and healed. 

The training also included details of diets that one should follow before and after a Kambo treatment, in order to avoid hyponatremia and other complications.

I also learned how to prepare a powerful detox juice and a medicinal oil made of combination of different medicinal mushrooms which make the immune system stronger.

He taught me how this medicinal oil can be prepared for people that are too weak  for a Kambo treatment.

Together we studied and applied Kambo to a person with multiple sclerosis. We applied Kambo also in the auricular points on the ear for this treatment (auricular Kambo based auricular TCM) as well as in the body meridians.

This person will receive continuous Kambo treatments during the following months and we will analyze different nervous system values and through medical tests to study and research the improvement and progress of such disease with Kambo treatment.


Kambo Training in Rome

I am writing this testimonial to highlight the benefits of Kambo and the incredible healing that it has brought into my life. 

The evidence that I include in this testimonial is anecdotal but I personally have no doubt about the efficacy of this incredible natural medicine.

I first heard of Kambo about three years ago. At first I thought that it was very strange that anyone would consider applying this strange “frog venom” to themselves and then purging and vomiting as a result of the application.

I decided to research the medicine and I read the book Sapo in My Soul, an extraordinary book about the introduction of Kambo to the Western world. I also read up about the research that dr. Vittorio Erspamer carried out, on the peptides that are found in Kambo: dr. Erspamer is well known for his identification of the hormone serotonin.

According to dr. Erspamer’s research, the peptides that are found in Kambo, have many remarkable benefits for the human body. Now researchers know that three of these peptides, deltorphin, dermorphin and cerulein, have incredible pain reducing capabilities, much more powerful than opioids, but without the negative, addictive side effects of opioids.

I decided to try Kambo and see how this natural medicine would work with me. My first experience of Kambo was through a newly qualified practitioner.

The ceremony was very basic and simple. The practitioner applied the medicine in a very matter of fact fashion, she never elabourated on nor discussed the incredible benefits or healing properties of Kambo. After the first treatment, I was still open to attending another Kambo ceremony, however it was not something that I considered in my immediate future.

About six months after my initial Kambo ceremony, I received Kambo from a much more experienced practitioner. His care and dedication to serving Kambo was very evident and he imparted much detailed knowledge about the healing properties of this incredible natural medicine.

He explained in detail how Kambo works to detoxify, cleanse and heal the human body. He thoroughly investigated my medical history and any ailments that I was suffering from.

He then very skilfully applied the Kambo to my body and he guided me through an incredible healing process. He made me feel totally at ease and I trusted his expert guidance throughout the process. His attention to detail was phenomenal.

The healing was not only in the effects of the Kambo within my body, but also in the energy and spirit of the ceremony.

I experienced a total of nine Kambo ceremonies over a two year period and the profound effects of Kambo in my life, motivated me to learn to become a Kambo practitioner myself.

Each one of these Kambo ceremonies was an incredible experience and a profound healing journey.

A very close friend of mine, who is a Kambo practitioner, recommended that I attend a Kambo course with Giovanni Lattanzi.

Giovanni has been working with Kambo for over twelve years and he has focussed on integrating and serving this medicine to westerners, in a way that westerners can understand and benefit from it. Giovanni’s has accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge and developed a deep understanding for Kambo.

He utilises techniques that assist people to improve their overall health.

Giovanni also has an incredible success rate with assisting individuals to overcome severe addictions. Kambo has an incredible ability to assist people in breaking compulsive patterns and addictions. 

Giovanni agreed to teach me how to work with Kambo and how to serve the medicine in a safe and effective way.

His knowledge and passion for Kambo was very evident during the course.

Giovanni has gathered an incredible amount of theoretical knowledge and research about Kambo. He taught me how to incorporate this information into serving Kambo in a safe and effective manner.

Giovanni taught me how to utilise Kambo to heal at a profoundly deep emotional and spiritual level, far beyond only the physical body.

He carefully explained how to serve me Kambo and tailor make a specific application of Kambo, to the relevant energy meridians and reflexology points on the body, in order to maximise the efficacy of the treatment. 

He demonstrated how Kambo can heal painful and stagnant emotions and also work deeply within the spiritual realms of our beings. I completed the course and I returned home feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. 

I have been attending regular Kambo ceremonies for nearly two years and I have slowly but surely felt the healing effects of Kambo within my body. I myself have never had any chronic or debilitating diseases and I sought out Kambo to see if it would generally improve my health and well-being.

Kambo is a very powerful detox and it removes toxins from our cells, our lymph, our blood, our organs and from pituitary gland in the brain.

The most noticeable effect that Kambo has had on me, is that my immune system appears to be much stronger.

I have now gone through two winters, without catching a flue, not even a common cold. The immediate effects of this detox is very noticeable.

After the purge and the removal of the toxins, as I continue with normal life, my energy levels are much higher, my mind is crystal clear, my mood is a lot more positive, and my memory is sharp.

I sleep more deeply and longer, and I have increased endurance and stamina. Kambo has greatly reduced my cravings and addictions.

I always drank moderate amounts of alcohol and since taking Kambo, my craving for alcohol diminished to the point where I hardly even drink alcohol anymore.

My cravings for sugar, sweet and junk foods, has also been drastically reduced. I have noticed significant and positive changes in my overall health and wellness.

If I cut myself my wounds heal faster, my hair and nails grow much quicker and I don’t really get sick anymore; if I do, the recovery is very fast.

I have noticed that I also build more muscle mass when I exercise. Kambo has had some profound effects on my body. I feel that Kambo balances my autonomic nervous system and helps to stabilise my mood.

It places me in a powerful emotional state and I experience an enhanced emotional condition. I sleep deeply and longer.

I believe that Kambo provides a super emotional boost for my emotional state and wellbeing.

Kambo has a profound detoxification and healing capacity in the physical body; but it has profound healing effects at a deep emotional and spiritual level, as well.

It teaches how to recognize patterns and set boundaries, and also assists in greatly expanding the possibility of the mind.

After taking Kambo, my perception, pattern recognition and cognitive abilities are greatly enhanced.

I approach my life in a very balanced and calm manner. I notice personal patterns and behaviours that no longer serve me, my perception and intuition is heightened and my decision-making abilities are much more definitive and refined.

I manage to attain a flow state for a much longer period of time and I am more focussed and in tune with the environment.

I remain more in the moment and I worry and stress less about insignificant issues, and I have a greatly improved sense of awareness.

Kambo is a powerful medicine and a tool that has brought me much healing and has significantly changed my life forever.

My one wish is that I had found this medicine earlier in my life, but I feel the powerful regenerative effects of this medicine working within me and for me, it is like turning back the clock.

I believe that Kambo has assisted me immeasurably with my general health and well-being and I recommend this incredible natural medicine to as many people as I can. 

This natural medicine is an incredible gift and treasure to humanity. 

Thank you Giovanni for teaching me and for integrating this beautiful natural medicine into my life, in such an inspiring and informative way.

I highly recommend that you contact Giovanni and explore the healing properties of Kambo and to tap into Giovanni’s extensive knowledge of healing, utilising the powerful healing properties of Kambo.

James Stuart

Kambo Training in Tepotzlan (Mexico)