Online Kambo Training

Level 1

How to add Safety, Knowledge and Effectiveness to your Kambo Sessions

This online training is meant for both Kambo facilitators and Kambo students; people who has already some experience with Kambo application to others and people who don’t.

The main reason of this training is to learn how to apply Kambo to others and to yourself in a safe and effective way.

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One to One Workshop

This workshop is individual and takes place exclusively online, via Skype.

How does it take place?

Approximate Duration: 10 HOURS

1 indicative hour per lesson per week.

The date is to be agreed by appointment

A preliminary interview is required

Topics of the training

  • Updated scientific research on Kambo peptides.
  • How to hold a safe space during a Kambo sessions. How to prevent hyponatremia.
  • Unsafe combinations with other entheogens and drugs.
  • Female conditions: painful menstruations, breastfeeding, menopause.
  • Screening someone though the use of a form. Which information a facilitator should get in order to know if someone may receive Kambo or not.
  • Precautions: contraindications or incompatibilities with health condition and medications.
  • Disclaimer: legal aspects: which statements and agreements you should make before applying Kambo to someone.
  • Proper and not proper preparation dietas. After ceremony diet: which diets are safe and which ones are absolutely not?
  • Intensive application of Kambo.
  • Guidelines about application of Kambo on reflexology and meridian points according TCM.

Who is Giovanni Lattanzi?

Giovanni learned Kambo by Cesar Carvalho and Francesquinho, since 2009 he provides Kambo ceremonies, since 2014 he run Kambo trainings.

On 2016 he published Kambo e Iboga: medicine sciamaniche in sinergia. In 2020 he wrote a second book on Kambo. Kambo Iboga Ayahuasca.

Sinergy of shamanic medicines. All topics of his trainings are based on some chapters of his new book.

What does it include?

This training has theoretical and practical aspects and it is divided in three levels.

Included in this training are three supervisions before and after each Kambo application to others or to yourself (self-application).