Kambo Iboga Ayahuasca

Synergy of Entheogens

Libro Kambo Iboga Ayahuasca di Giovanni Lattanzi

The New Book by Giovanni Lattanzi

Compared to the 2016 edition of Kambo and Iboga – Shamanic Medicines in Synergy, this book has been completely revisited and updated with the most recent studies on Kambo. It includes new chapters on DMT, the pineal gland and quantum physics and other scientific insights.


Kambo is the secretion of the amphibian Phyllomedusa Bycolor, which forms part of the tradition of some Amazonian tribes, while Iboga is the bark of the root of the Tabernante Iboga plant, traditionally used by Pygmies in the forests of Central Africa and by the Bwiti cult, Gabon’s national religion.

The book expands on the Italian version published in 2016 (please see the selection of reviews here attached); further in-depth exploration was necessary in light of the very latest scientific studies carried out on Kambo peptides, the pineal gland, DMT, and quantum physics, as well as updates relating to precautions, contraindications and safety regarding Kambo application.

This is the second relevant book on Kambo that has been published in the world and
presents pioneering research regarding the combination of Kambo and Iboga.

While the first book on Kambo, Sapo in my Soul by Peter Gorman, is a journalistic account of the author’s stay among the Matsés tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, Giovanni Lattanzi’s book comprehensively lays out a new method developed for the first time by the author, which involves applying Kambo secretion to the meridian and reflexology points following
the indications of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the use of a synergistic combination of Kambo and Iboga as a new approach to treating drug addiction, among other things.

Alongside testimonies, interviews, anthropological research and extensive references for further reading, the book deals with scientific studies on alkaloids present in Tabernanthe Iboga, research carried out on the shared properties of entheogens, and studies on lucid
dreaming and active sleep.

Finally, the author explains the cornerstones of the Toltec tradition of shamanic knowledge, including lucid dreaming, as described in the works of Carlos Castaneda.

In addition to seeking to address the vast Western interest in shamanic practices, this
book is for those who aspire to apply Kambo and administer Iboga professionally, and those who already perform a spiritual activity and want to incorporate Kambo or the practice of Iboga micro-dosing; that is to say for those who want to develop synergistic work.

Finally, it is also aimed at a wider audience interested in the shamanic universe in
relation to the use of entheogens in religious contexts.


“I approached this book with some trepidation, in case it proved unsuitable for a non-specialist reader, but it is so clearly written throughout that I had no difficulty in understanding even the more technical passages.”


La Biblioteca di Babele

“Kambo e Iboga is an illuminating read … Everything in Giovanni Lattanzi’s book is expertly explained in an articulate, holistic manner, with extensive references for further reading also provided…

A must-read, this important work will enrich your inner life and expand your knowledge of shamanic medicine, giving you a new and surprising perspective on healing.”


“As you read the book you feel as if you’re holding the key to new horizons of knowledge and light…

It builds a kind of ideal bridge between two cultures and between two medicines that, in the author’s experience, work in synergy together… It enables us to familiarise ourselves with these medicines, to learn more about them – and contextualise them – by taking an approach free from prejudice and cliché.

I therefore highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand exactly what they are and how they work, and to know more about their potential uses…

Reading this book is like setting out on a voyage of discovery not only into a fascinating world full of potential, but also into the meaning and sacred nature of life itself.”

Miriam Mastrovito

Il Flauto di Pan

“Taking his own experiences as a starting point, Giovanni Lattanzi set out on a journey to help solve the problems of his fellow men.”


Nuove Pagine

“In Kambo e Iboga, published by Bibliosofica, Giovanni Lattanzi takes the reader on a sensational and highly unexpected journey.”

Giulio Gasperini

“The author reveals how the most recent research into entheogens is making a vital contribution to our understanding of the human brain and its innate ability to ‘reset’ itself; he also helps us to see the fascinating world of entheogens in a new light, very different from the prejudiced and dismissive western perspective.”

Rossella Montemurro

“Over the years we have stopped using the elements and substances freely provided by nature to heal our bodies, because we have been so powerfully conditioned by the System to believe in the absolute legitimacy of chemical drugs and to see their natural equivalents as worthless…

This book provides a wealth of information about two extraordinary natural substances which cure the human body without harming it…

Heartfelt thanks to Giovanni Lattanzi for offering a new vision of healing with this very important book!”

Laura Callegaro


“This is a piece of popular science writing that will add something to your cultural baggage.

I recommend it to all open-minded readers, because sometimes, when you’re in search of the truth, you have to take paths that may at first sight seem absurd.”

Gli Amanti dei Libri

“This book enables enthusiasts on the subject and the curious alike to explore a different reality, one in which medicine means medicine and not drug, where curing ourselves does not mean curing a symptom or just one particular part of ourselves but becoming complete, aware, present and free…

An accessible read, it succeeds in discussing anthropological, scientific and spiritual concepts in a straightforward manner, inspiring the reader to keep turning the pages by stimulating a healthy hunger for knowledge.

A few last words in its favour: 379 pages long (excluding bibliography, etc.), it boasts a cover image created by the author in 2012: Kambo: agradecido por toda sageza (‘Kambo: thank you for the wisdom’; mixed media on canvas) and a wide-ranging bibliography, as well as being very reasonably priced for such a well written volume.”

Altra Realtà

“Giovanni Lattanzi’s Kambo e Iboga is one of the most thorough, enlightening and edifying books on shamanic medicines and shamanic cultures in general…

Featuring a wealth of information, drawing on scientific and anthropological research, first-hand accounts, interviews, the history of his subject and his own (difficult) personal experience, this is a book in which Lattanzi opens up completely to his readers, approaching each area with precision and expertise, and in meticulous detail…

Not only does he write about Kambo and Iboga, therefore, he also, for example, includes a whole chapter on Don Juan and Castaneda and the power of lucid dreaming, and another on Nikola Tesla and his visionary, world-changing ideas.

This is a book to add to your shelves, to read and re-read, a faithful companion for anyone about to undertake a journey of spiritual discovery or already on that path.

A book, too, for those less familiar with this subject but keen to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of centuries-old shamanic traditions, the undisputed heritage of an ancient humanity from which we are all descended.”

Alessandra Gianoglio

Quantic Magazine