The Prodigious Frog from the Amazon Rainforest

What is Kambo?

Kambo, Campu, Sapo, Vaccine of the forest: these are the names that indicate the gelatinous secretion of a frog that lives in the northwestern part of the Amazon forest. The scientific name of this amphibian is “Phyllomedusa Bicolor‘ ’.

Kambo is the strongest natural antibiotic and anesthetic known in the world so far and is also the strongest natural remedy to boost the immune system.

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“Kambo increases Synchronicity”

Kambo increases the possibility of experiencing synchronicities as it activates the pineal gland.

It also helps us remove those emotional and behavioral blocks that prevent us from reaching our innermost intentions and desires.

“It frees you from negative energies”

It frees you from negative energies (panema) that make us slaves of unhealthy eating habits, negative thoughts and emotions.

Kambo help us to break emotional and behavioral patterns that lead using drugs or alcohol, bringing a state of deep peace.

“Increase your energy and improve your health”

Kambo gives a greater concentration, increase of energy, mental clarity and relief from negative emotions.

The long-term effects are fatigue resistance and improvement of one’s health conditions.



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Giovanni Lattanzi

Since 2009 he facilitates Kambo ceremonies in various countries including Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Mexico and Peru and conducts workshops for aspiring Kambo facilitators interested in learning its application method. Lives and works in Rome.