Kambo Sticks

Acate sticks, peruvian artcraft

The Kambo sticks we sell are hand-made by peruvian Matses-tribe who apply the secretion of the the frog Phyllomedusa bicolor on a bamboo stick.

They wrap the sticks with a dry bamboo leaf.

Matses call the Kambo frog “Sapo”. In Spanish Sapo means toad, and Acate is the name they give to the Kambo sticks.

‘Kambo’ or ‘Campoo’ are the traditional names given by other amazonian tribes who live in Brazil such as, for instance, the Katukina or the Huni Kuin.

I’m in contact with the Matses since 2010 when i started to provide Kambo sessions in Europe.

Since many years I use Kambo sticks with deep gratitude towards this tribe who are always grateful because part of the incomes of this sale helps them to live a prosperous life and be appreciated for their precious tradition.

During twelve years the quality of these sticks have been tested by myself with outstanding results.

The Kambo frogs are not abused during the harvesting of their secretion. I want to stress that this tribe has a deep reverence for the jungle animals and, specifically, for the Kambo frogs.

According to their belief any abuse of these frogs brings about bad luck. Each frog is gently taken from the trees where they live.

Right after the harvest of their secretion, the frogs are kindly released to their natural environment.

If you are a new Kambo practitioner, before applying this secretion to yourself or others I highly recommend attending an online or presence Kambo training.

During such a training you will learn about proper and unproper diets, compatibilities and incompatibilities with health condition and medications, precautions needed in order to apply Kambo in a safe and effective manner.

You can find some important information about the basic precautions to take during the application of this secretion on chapter nine of my book: “Kambo Iboga Ayahuasca. Synergy of Entheogens”.

kambo sticks for sale

Kambo Sticks from the Matsés Tribe

1 hour videocall included in order for the practitioners to receive information about the proper and not proper use of this sacred medicine, proper and unproper diet and contraindications.

To order and for the videocall you can contact me on Telegram: +39 389 9078994