Kambo Training & Detox Retreat

Kambo Level 1

How to add Safety, Knowledge and Effectiveness to your Kambo Sessions

This workshop is meant for Kambo facilitators and beginners who want to deepen their relation with the Spirit of Kambo and learn how to provide this shamanic medicines in a safe way to others, expecially to western people.


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Kambo Workshop & Detox Retreat

5th – 15th April 2023

A group training for facilitators and beginners who want to deepen relation with the Spirit of Kambo in the context of  understanding the basic principles Detoxification and Cellular Rejuvenation, whilst taking the skill to a whole new level.

Topics of the Kambo Training with Giovanni Lattanzi

  • Disclaimer. Legal aspects of Kambo. Agreements a practitioner should make with their clients.
  • Screening. Questions a practitioner should ask in order to check if someone may or may not receive a Kambo session. Which preparation diet fits with someone’s condition. Where to apply Kambo according to TCM and Auricular Reflexology.
  • Dieta. Proper preparation diet and not proper diets. Which diets are safe and which ones are not. After-Kambo diet. Proper diet adjusted to individual condition (preparation diets for low blood pressure, high blood pressure, Lyme disease etc).
  • Multiple applications. How to increase effectiveness in Kambo sessions.
  • Different modalities of application. Layering and basic. How to treat safely people with fragile conditions, acute issues, chronic and degenerative conditions, low immune system condition.
  • Scientific research. The science behind the healing properties of the Kambo peptides.
  • Kambo, TCM and Reflexology. Application of Kambo on reflexology, meridian and spinal points .Basic auricular and meridian points. Auricular points and the endogenous release of dopamine, serotonine, melatonine, adrenaline, noradrenaline and oxytocine. Meridian and auricular points activating the brain receptors related to the endocrine, nervous, metabolic and immune system. Organs and emotions according to TCM
  • Emotional side of healing. TCM and emotions.
  • Synergy of Kambo and adaptogens.
  • Safety. How to hold a safe space during a Kambo sessions.
  • Precautions. Contraindications and incompatibilities of Kambo with health conditions.
  • Kambo and pharmaceuticals. Which pharmaceuticals are safe and which ones are not compatable with Kambo.
  • Hyponatremia. The main cause and how to prevent it. Which medications and health conditions can cause it.
  • Kambo, sacred wood and addictions. How to treat addictions with Kambo, adaptogens and sacred wood.
  • Safe and unsafe combinations of Kambo with other entheogens.
  • Female conditions: painful menstruations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause.

Detox Principles with Malcolm Slyper


To ensure clients leave the Retreat understanding the basic principles of Detoxification and Cellular Rejuvenation, as is useful to an aspiring Kambo practitioner, thus inspiring practitioners to take their practice to new levels of effectiveness.


Required time is 4x two hour modules

List Of Modules

  1. Module 1 The Principles that drive human health. (45 Min)
    2. Module 1b Rule #1 The Diet (45 min)
    3. Module 3 The Five elimination organs (45 min)
    4. Module 4 The Mighty Lymphatic System & Kambô (45 min)
    5. Module 5 Endocrine System and Kambô (45 min)
    6. Module 6 Parasites and the Human Machine (45 min)
    7. Module 7 Detoxification for the Kambô client (45 min)
    8. Module 8 TBA (45 min)

What’s Included In the Retreat

  • Kambo Level 1 Training (with Giovanni)
  • Detoxification and Cellular Rejuvenation Teaching within the context of Kambo (with Malcolm)
  • Kambo sticks as needed for the training
  • Detoxification Related Material and Handout notes
  • 10 Nights Accommodation
  • Daily Meals (Preferably vegan)
  • Nature hikes with a trusted guide
  • Post Course support
  • Parking
  • Water and tea served throughout the day
  • Wifi connection
  • Personalized Guidance and assistance throughout.

What’s Not Included

  • Airline Tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Car Hire
  • Tourist Attraction admission Fees (eg Hot Springs)
  • Accommodation in Reykjavík on night of 15th prior to departure
  • Airport Transfers. (Car pooling is encouraged, you will be hooked up with other people on the retreat to share car rides)
  • Visa Costs if needed

Price and Information

  • 1890 euros (early birds, payment till the end of february)
  • 2075 euros (payment between the first of march and the end of march)
  • 2175 euros (payment till the 4th of april)

Contact Giovanni

Contact Malcolm

Biography of Giovanni Lattanzi

1989 Graduation cum laude at La Sapienza University of Rome with a specialization in Jungian psychology and Eastern Religions.

1995-2022 Giovanni works as a painter. He has exhibited his work in group and solo exhibitions and has held art performances in Europe and United States (giovanni-lattanzi.com).

2006 to 2009 Giovanni has been initiated into the Kambo medicine tradition.

2009-2022 Giovanni facilitates Kambo ceremonies in various countries including Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Mexico and Peru and since 2014 conducts workshops for aspiring Kambo facilitators interested in learning its healing method.

2009-2010 Giovanni was initiated into Iboga medicine by the “Worldbridgers”.

2009-2022 He has been providing Kambo in various countries, including Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, France, united kingdom, Ireland, Mexico and Perù.

2009-2022 He provides Reflexology and Meridian Kambo and Iboga treatments and conducts training courses of Kambo.

2016 Giovanni Lattanzi He has authored the book “Kambo e Iboga: medicine sciamaniche in sinergia”.

2020 Giovanni has authored the book “Kambo Iboga Ayahuasca: Synergy of Entheogens”.

Biography of Malcolm Slyper

Malcolm is an Advanced Kambô Practitioner, and a Detoxification and Cellular Rejuvenation Specialist.

Dr. Morse Certified Level II detoxification specialist and Advanced Kambo practitioner.

Founder of “Art of Detox” Malcolm an ex Airforce and Airline Pilot, he has traveled the world as an International Airline Pilot since 1999, seeking out the best means of cultivating and restoring vitality, whilst ensuring longevity.

Kambô and Detoxification are his primary tools.

He and his wife Christina, have recently opened The International Wellness Farm, a signature and unique Fasting and Detox Retreat Centre located on the West Coast of Sweden.

Malcolm advocates concepts of natural hygiene and better food choices to promote heightened states of consciousness and superior living.

He promotes the concept of Self-Applied prevention, a vital skill in these challenging times.

Authored Books, “Secrets of Detox”, “Secrets of Liver Cleanse”, and “Adventures in Human Rope Worm”

In order to have information about Giovanni’s Kambo long term research, you can order Giovanni’s book: “Kambo Iboga Ayahuasca Synergy of Entheogens” available on Amazon.

This book will be used during the Kambo and Art Detox training as study material.