Intensive Kambo Retreat in Sweden

with Giovanni Lattanzi

During a kambo intensive we can go deeper, guided by Giovanni’s many years of experience.

This is a group event to explore our humanity together, discover our energy potential, beyond the resistances of the mind, in the spirit of Kambo.

With Kambo we access a physical, psychological and spiritual reorganization, thanks to which we transform emotional blocks, we change harmful habits and we open ourselves to the miracles that life holds in store for us.

To do this process requires seriousness of intent and a firm will to change.

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30th March – 2nd of April 2023

The intensive retrat includes two kambo treatments, sananga and rapé ceremonies, food and accomodation.

Giovanni Lattanzi

Giovanni Lattanzi

Kambo Pratictioner

Since 2009 it facilitates Kambo ceremonies in various countries including Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Mexico and Peru and conducts workshops for aspiring Kambo facilitators interested in learning its application method.

Learn more about him.

In order to have information about Giovanni’s Kambo long term research, you can order Giovanni’s book: “Kambo Iboga Ayahuasca“.

Synergy of Entheogens’ available on Amazon.

Kambo multiple sessions

Kambo is one of the most powerful sacred medicine that strengthens focus, improves health condition and provides the energy it takes in order to treat stress in daily life. Kambo open up an inner space where quantum leaps and miracles become possible. To mine and the experience of many practitioners Kambo multiple sessions are the most beneficial ones as far as they provide a deep purge and help the body to release physical, spiritual and emotional toxins. In a much deeper way than single sessions do, multiple sessions help to deeply remove the ‘panema’, the negative energy present in human beings, which prevent us to manifest health, welbeing and prosperity.

Synergy of Kambo and adaptogens

During the last twelfe years, in order to strengthen the healing process  I ve been using a synergy of Kambo and adaptogenic mushrooms, such as Reishi, Lion’s mane, Turkey tail, Agaricus Blazei Murril, Shitake, Chaga etc. After each session adaptogenic oil and a detox juice, based on turmeric, ginger, and chlorella,  will be provided.

Preparation diet

A preparation diet before the Kambo sessions is crucial for several reasons: first of all a balanced level of electrolytes in the body is the very base in order to prevent hyponatremia. The body should be neither hyper nor hypo dehydrated; second, a proper diet reduces the intensity of the detoxing process which during a Kambo session is already quite strong, especially with people who are highly intoxicated, sick and stressed. Third, a preparation diet optimizes the results of the Kambo healing session by preparing the body for the homeostatic and detoxifying effect of Kambo.

Kambo, rapè and sananga

During the retreat next to Kambo, other medicine of the forest such as rapè and sananga will be provided. Rape helps with enhancing focus qand support the Kambo purge; sananga with opening the third eye and relaxing the nervous system. 


A clear idea about what we want to attract, what we want to heal, what we want to manifest, which shadow aspects and resistances we want to work on, helps enormously to get it. expressing the intention in a group is like signing a contract in front of witnesses who support our healing purposes.

Kambo application to meridian, auricular and spinal points

The  Kambo application on TCM points (auricular, meridian and spinal points) helps to pilot the healing process towards specific energetic unbalances. According to TCM the four main sources of unbalances depend on different conditions, i.e.  yin and yang excess or deficiency, heat, cold, dryness and damp. 

The emotional side of healing

The application of the Kambo on meridian,l and reflexology points has a direct effect on the transformation of negative emotions related to each organ: anger (liver), worries anf guilt feelings (spleen), sadness and grief (lungs), fear, lack of willpower (kidneys), excitement, overaticity (heart), selfishnes, forgivelessness (pericardium), greed (stomach), control (intestine).