Here below the schedule of next activities regarding Kambo trainings, Iboga ceremonies, healing journey to Tolantongo and visit to ancient Aztec power places. 
25-31 august 2018
22-28 september 2018
Kambo trainings in Mexico

This workshop is meant for Kambo facilitators and beginners who want to deepen their relation with the Spirit of Kambo and learn how to provide this shamanic medicines in a safe way to others, expecially to western people. To my experience a new development is needed in order to apply this medicine to western people where the capacities to receive it is different than in the Amazon and Brazil. This training is meant to update Kambo facilitators and aspirant Kambo providers about all information one needs to know in order to work with Kambo in a safe way in the western countries. The use of medications in USA and other countries has to be considered before applying Kambo. There is still no research on the interactions of different pharmaceutical medications and their compatibility with Kambo. Some incidents happened to Kambo practitioners; this is a waking up bell that reminds all of us that Kambo should be provided in a safe setting and that scientific knowledge and safety guidelines cannot be ignored by Kambo providers.

Max 5 persons
One-to-one Kambo trainings (only by appointment)
Kambo trainings are offered also on a one-to-one base, in this case the dates are chosen by appointments.
Topics of the Kambno trainings
Kambo applied on on reflexology and meridian points
Intensive and traditional way of application
Kambo and pharmaceutical medications: incompatibilities and risks
Precautions and safety rules
Kambo applied on Lyme and Parkinson patients and other difficult complaints
Medicinal mushrooms oil
Proper and wrong diets before Kambo
Hyponatremia: main causes, a proper diet in order to avoid it

Guided Iboga rootbark microdosing 

How to transform traumas by resetting the mammalian brain 
Microdosing the wood can be a transforming experience. The sacred wood is a medicine that transforms fear, restlessness, anxiety and vanish compulsive behavior and thinkingIt works with Parkinson, candida and multiple sclerosis. Above all the sacred wood can fix overwhelming emotions and addictive behavious. Iboga is mainly a dream root. Our intention creates an energetic transformation that starts first in the dream-body before it manifests itself in daily reality.

An ECG is necessary before attending the microdose
30 grams Iboga rootbark from Gabon costs 250 dollars included 2 monthys supervision excl. shipment
1-3 september 2018
Iboga ceremony
A chat on Skype and an electrocardiogram (ECG) is necessary in order to attend this ceremony
5-8 september 2018
Guided journeys to Teotihuacan, Tolantongo and Tula
During this journey we’ll visit the sacred Atzec town of Teotihuacan and the Toltec temple of Tula where we can see the impressing statues of the Toltec warriors. We’ll stay three days in Tolantongo where we can enjoy its empowering sulphur water. Tolantongo is the best place in order to enhance the immune system, relax and integrate a process facilitated by Kambo and Iboga.
10-17 september 2018

Kambo and Bufo sessions

with Giovanni Lattanzi and Alberto Yarleque
Amatlan, Tepozlan, Valle Sagrado v=M4uQ1cndz58
Love and peace,