Kambo-Iboga Summer Solstice Retreat

20-25 June 2017 in Amatlan (Mexico)
The retreat will be hold in my house in Amatlan, a sacred Atzec place surrounded by powerful mountains. A place where you can enjoy stillness filled only by the sounds of the birds and the view of wild animals such as colibris horses, iguanas etc. Amatlan is considered the place where originally the cult of Quetzalcoatl started. Quetzalcoatl is represented by the image of a winged Serpent called also the Rainbow Serpent. Here Quetzalcoatl is considered to be a man who lived in ancient times and embodied this this high vibration of the energy, the Light. Diuring the retreat other medicines will be used such as Sananga, Rape’ and medicinal mushrooms.The retreat will be available for max. 3 persons.